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You cannot setup internet connection in router without accessing the router page. It is very common thing that many people want to use Wi-Fi internet connection but do not know how to setup Wi-Fi connection. Setting of Wi-Fi connection is very easy in your router. No matter if your router is different brand from others. Most of the routers use similar features for Wi-Fi connection and internet setup. You need to login to the router for troubleshooting purposes. If you use router, then any time you may face such terrible situation. That is why, you should have be ready always.

Router use key information for accessing the router. Those key information are IP address, username and password. For new router, you should seek those key information in your router box. If your router is used or you have hired it from friends, then you should check the router level or manufacturing website. All information are available for free in the manufacturing website. Suppose, you use Netgear or any other router which use Class C type IP address like Username and password of the router is “admin”. Those information are key information for you and you will apply those information for accessing the router.

You have key information and you are going to use those information on your browser. I hope that you have connected all hardware devices and cables with your router and attach cable from router with your PC. Now open the browser and on the top section of the browser on the address field type the IP (Internet Protocol) and click on the Go button. You should get a new page without facing an error. You see a blank box of username and password. On the username and password field, you should type your router primary username and password. Click on the Enter button. Sooner, you will see a page.

You can call control panel of the home page of the router. From this stage, you can control the whole page of the router. You can setup internet and make it Wi-Fi connection easily from the control page. Now you can setup internet manually. But I suggest to read the documents first before conversion the internet connection to Wi-Fi. In the manual, you will get details for installation and setup of the router. However, better you open the wizard option if your router supports the option. If you do not have Wizard option, then setup internet connection manually. You just provide some information about your existing internet connection and save. It should be connected as Wi-Fi.

If your connection is turned into Wi-Fi, then you can use internet in your port devices where Wi-Fi connection is acceptable. You can easily use internet without paying extra bill for use of wireless internet connection. Now many people can use your internet connection without informing you if you do not secure your Wi-Fi connection. You should enable all features for protection of Wi-Fi connection from router. You just enable encrypted security, hard password and renaming SSID name.